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A not quite so sizzling sausage sizzle at Bunnings!! - Blogger Rosemary Graham

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

It wasn't quite as sizzling as last year though we were grateful to be able to stand in front of the fan to cool down; not as busy either but nonetheless a good day.

Thanks and appreciation to the Spokes who gave of their time, effort and donations - the onion cutters at Steph's home on Friday morning, easier with a commercial grade onion cutter borrowed from Steph's butcher son; those who rose at the crack of dawn on Saturday (Sally, Ray, Cheryl and Laurence) to be at Chidlow at 6.00 to collect stock stored in the Tavern cool room and at Midland, 6.30 (Gwyn, Sandra, Steph and Rosemary) to set up and get things rolling, Barb at Woolworths at 7 to collect the rolls - some of the aformentioned even returned for a second shift - and to all those Spokes who spent time at the coalface during the day - Lyn Y., Lyn L., Hazel, Ken, Richard, Linda, Lexie, Irene, John and Angie, as well as Irene's granddaughter, Ellen and Sally's daughter, Hayla. Thanks too to John and Irene for returning bus and trailer to Sally's home, so she could head off to watch the Scorchers at Optus; and to Cheryl and Laurence who serendipitously turned up at Sally's this morning and helped in unpacking and drying out the trailer - a rogue bag of ice melted overnight!

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