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Autumn Rose Show

Our visit to the Rose Show at the South Perth Civic Centre had a couple of twists and turns. We departed from Mundaring in our new bus and tootled off down the highway. We were well along the Roe Highway Bypass when Sally suddenly remembered that we hadn’t picked up Lexie. Some urgent calls and texts later we went on and Lexie went home disappointed. Sorry Lexie! Our arrival at the Rose Show was well timed with a car park available right at the front door. After we disembarked and Irene was unfolding her little mobility scooter she got her thumb stuck in the works beneath the folding seat. Cheryl, Sally and Irene worked at freeing said thumb – the others went inside. After much pressing, pulling, pushing and ouching, Sally announced we would just have to ring the fire brigade. We need some grease she said. Or hand cream suggested Irene. Cheryl had hand cream and hay presto, the thumb was released and our visit to the roses could begin. The roses were beautiful with some stunning arrangements on display. The judging had been done but it was a bit hard for the casual gardener to see why one and not another had won a prize. Surprisingly there were no Mr Lincoln roses there, or Peace Roses, but quite a lot of “blue” roses which are really a mauve. A lovely big vase of Seduction was very pretty and there were a lot of bright yellows, oranges and reds. Also, of note was one called Soul Sister, which is a browny beige colour, not liked by most of our group but apparently very much in demand by florists. Afternoon tea was available amid the scent of the roses and we all enjoyed the show. Betty bought an orchid, and Sally found Dawsons sold a rose that took Norma’s fancy. All in all a very pleasant afternoon despite the inauspicious start

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