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Beautiful John Forest NP

Once again our planning was scuppered. The Wildflower Walk in John Forrest National Park was closed due to building a new bike track (so we heard). We split into 2 groups and went in separate directions, some to the dam and the others made their way across to the other side of Jane Brook looking for anything unusual. Eagle-eyed Frances spotted what we all missed! A blue fairy or silky blue orchid and two dwarf pink fairy orchids, and finished it off by spying scarlet bracken fungus. The tree hovea was quite spectacular as was the creamy yellow trymalium and myrtles as well as other unidentified shrubs and plants! Jane Brook was more than bubbling along after the downfall we all experienced last night which added to the spectacle. We felt very lucky we had such nice weather to walk in - the sun shone, the nip in the air was invigorating. Granite rocks looked as refreshed after the rain as were we. Enjoying our nibbles afterwards, Joyce was bedecked with a Port Lincoln parrot for a hat!

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