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Boorna Waanginy - the trees speak

(from Gwynneth’s pen). So moving and spectacular, this walk through Kings Park to celebrate Noongar culture was, once again, the opening to the Perth Festival. On a perfect summer evening, bathed in the scent of Lemon Scented gums, we joined the many thousands slowly promenading the avenue immersed in” an ever-moving canvas where trees and flowers bloom, flocks of birds descend, wetlands fill, bush fires rage and the stories of the formation of the land unfurled around us.” Depicting the six seasons, the genius of the artists evoked fish swimming in a pool, reptiles climbing the trees, a bush fire engulfing us in flames and terrible noise. Even more terrifying, along with the creation story of Jindalee, were the facts of the mass extinctions happening now and the images of what is being lost. Temporally lost to the group were several members including Sandy, our newest member, who opted, and actually managed, to catch the elusive shuttle bus back to our very precious parking spot. Son et lumiere extraordinaire (couldn’t resist);

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