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Christmas Lights in the City:

Not too hot, not too cold, just right! The Perth City Library scintillated with gold curtains of tiny lights; as did a family of kangaroos in the forecourt of Council House, where waves of subdued colour swept over the façade, a Christmas tree in Stirling Gardens glittered with changing colour as lights surged up and down the tree. Down Barrack Street, where the streetlights were adorned with golden ice cream cone-like shapes, into Murray Street Mall - a tunnel of blazing colour - bunches of sparkling and multi-coloured bouquets of 'flowers" attached to poles alternated with gleaming golden packages, Rudolph's red nose and silver antlers were there too, as well as another Christmas tree alight with changing colours. Back to the Terrace to be enthralled with the kaleidoscope on the façade of St George's Cathedral. Santa's sleigh pulled with 6 white boomers, multi-coloured parcels falling from the rooftop, emus running to and fro, buses and cars on a 'roadway' too, brightly coloured fishes and mermaids swimming, a nativity scene and much more - 'twas fascinating. Give people something to see and they will come; the city was abuzz with families and groups strolling around

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