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Climbing high then flying high!!!

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

There had been considerable trepidation in the months leading up to this event.

Two Wheelies Sally and Cheryl, and Sally’s daughter Hayla for a birthday present and her friend Lee-Anne were the final line up. We were accompanied by a hardy group of supporters who cheered us on and waited patiently for us to finish. It took some time for us to be kitted up in a harness, a very heavy backpack and a helmet. The only thing we could take was sunglasses. As we walked the 800 metres to the start of the climb we were delighted to see two swans and five cygnets waddling along in front of us. Jake, our very friendly and competent guide, took photos for us as we were lamenting that we didn’t have cameras. Once we had arrived at the start of the climb we were briefed about the safety line and the way to negotiate the “gates”. The steps were small and we moved slowly up 312 of them, watching our heads and our feet at the same time and clicking our way through countless “gates” as they’re called. The panoramas from the glass viewing platform were amazing and we had photos with the Stadium in the background and the city in the opposite direction. Then it was down 100 steps to be attached to the gear from our backpack ready to zipline down. They told us it was wine and cheese!! Photo at the top and two by two we had our turn. 1,2,3 and whee!

Exhilaration! It was well worth the long wait and recommended!

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