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Our very brave iflyers!

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Check out the very happy iflyers below!

Eight Spokes (64 - 81 yrs) (and Irene’s 17-year old granddaughter, Zoe) accepted the challenge to “fly” in the controlled space of indoor skydiving in Redcliffe. Check-in via computer – speed reading needed to navigate the pages of waivers – followed by an ‘eyeball’ check-in, hand ‘stamped’, then into the area where it all began. Firstly, our trainer, Danny, introduced himself; then we watched a 5-minute video explaining hand signals, body position – hands, feet, head - mind in a whirl already. Kitted up with (mostly) blue I Fly suits, helmet and goggles (a sight for sore eyes, some suits gave wearers a waist, others were skin tight, others fell in rolls to the ankles, only the arms got it right) we were ushered onto a seat outside the chamber – a vertical wind tunnel, approx. 4.5 metres diameter, approx. 11.5 metres high with 4 high speed fans above (the wind is directed down the walls then redirected up). The trampoline floor is made of aircraft grade steel. Top fan speed 250 kph – for our first flight the wind speed was round 145 kph and we were not much more than 3 metres off the ground, within arm’s reach of Danny if/when he let go; for the ‘high flyers’ the speed went up to just under 200 kph with Danny keeping hold. We had 2 x 50 second ‘flights’ – for those who went high on their second flight ‘twas “the equivalent of a free fall from an outdoor skydive from 14,000 feet.” - Flyers commented: “amazed at how easy it was to get started, fall into the required formation and enjoy the ride which I certainly did. I felt completely safe as the trainers were very professional and talented.” “Apprehensive at first – when I flew high it was exciting but I had time to look at the infrastructure as well as try to hold my body in the right position – less exhilarating than I had imagined, possibly because it was obviously very safe.” “I did manage to breathe, but ‘twas hard to relax. Felt a bit queasy going round and round. Smile for the cameras, not the first time. Fly high? No, not brave enough.” Flora came with David to be our official photographer and after the flight guided us to Café 2 Twentyfour in Belmont for lunch and, with Liquorland just around the corner, a clandestine glass or two in celebration.

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