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Danjoo – Interwoven

“Danjoo” means ‘together’ in the Bibbulmun Noongar language. A kaleidoscope of colour on the walls – from paintings in the distinctive southwest WA landscape tradition that emerged from Carrolup in the 1940s, as well as more abstract offerings and photo and video-based work, together with contemporary natural fibre weavings. Striking red, orange yellow and black grasstrees the “Aftermath of the Bushfire”, muted pale blue/grey and white “The Moonlight will show you the way” both by Boyden Wood; the iridescent blues and aqua of “Shoalwater”, Bradley Kickett; reproduced from old sepia photographs ‘A sense of history” by Norma MacDonald; a many faceted dot painting in bright hues of red, green, blue and yellow “Beautiful Ocean Beaches” by Dedorah Bonah Mills; woven from grasses “Bungarra” by Janine McCaulley Boot; Lea Taylor’s colourful woven flowers “Beautiful Bibbulmun Family Together” – just some of the work on display. In a separate gallery were baskets, mats, bowls, animals, woven by children from the Moorditj Noongar Community College as well as participants in weaving workshops conducted by Bibbulmun woman Lea Taylor. We were also fortunate to find Artist in Residence Rohin Kickett in his studio and spent a fascinating half hour or so as he talked about his art, his use of drones to survey the landscape of his country Ballardong near York which he reimagines in colour, and shared stories of his country, his family and his journey to becoming an artist. A Friday afternoon well spent.

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