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Double Jeopardy!

Given a reprieve from the 6 o’clock closing, and having tidied away the dishes, Mother Christmas produced a bag of small presents gaily wrapped in red paper (thanks Leonie) – even the dice were wrapped! We each chose a parcel, unwrapped it and placed it in front of us, then it was time to play “Double Jeopardy” – what’s that you say? Have three dice, must throw a double and then you’re at liberty to swap your present with the one someone else has, they can’t say no to a swap, but if they throw a double can elect to keep the present they have. Much fun and laughter as we played several rounds, divining who wanted to keep what and depriving them of their favourite article, though in the end everyone got what they wanted. Before the sun disappeared, some folk headed off for a short walk, whilst the rest sat chatted and finished their drinks. Then time to pack up, leaving the area cleaner than when we arrived – there are no bins, so all rubbish must be carried out. There were lots more statue-like kangaroos as we left, even a leg protruding from a pouch as its owner had jumped head first to safety. Lawrence made sure the gate was locked as we headed off for home. Good company, good food, fun and laughter – a great end to the year’s activities.

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