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End of a wheelie good year

We changed our gathering to the Sculpture Park this year and it was lovely!

Nineteen spokes gathered on the lawn around tables set up by willing volunteers! Our menu was grilled fish and a variety of salads. Annette doused the fish with one of her concoctions and she and Gwyn cooked it for us. It was tender and flavoursome, and the salads and bread sticks complemented it nicely. This was followed by Christmas pudding and homemade Brandy custard. Lovely ambience as the birds flew in squawking as they settled down to roost for the night.

The game of Switch, Steal, Unwrap provided some entertainment for us all. At first it was throw the two dice, follow the instructions but the choice of gifts was based on wrapping, size, shape and maybe weight, but as the gifts were unwrapped and revealed favourites emerged such as the Nutcracker.

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