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End of Year Party at the Mundaring Weir Rose Garden

It was very warm in the late afternoon when 16 Spokes gathered to enjoy festive fare and fun. The early arrivals, who decked the tables, disturbed a family of kangaroos lazing on the grass (later in the evening an amorous pair were quite oblivious to the many eyes upon them). We chatted and sipped, before 'falling upon' the table laden with chicken, ham and three varieties of salad, then watermelon, grapes and lamington fingers topped with cream and strawberries, all the while ensuring 4 glasses were topped up. Well sated, the detritus was cleared away and we all gathered round one table to play Mr and Mrs Right - everyone chose a brightly packaged present from the centre of the table, and as the narrator told a story, each time 'left', 'right' or 'across' was mentioned, so the parcels changed hands - left and right didn't pose too much of a problem, but chaos reigned for 'across' as some folk cried foul as they were left empty handed. All came right in the end as nobody - well, all except the narrator - missed out. It was almost 7.30 when the Water Corp. gatekeeper signalled it was time to leave - after all the gates closed at 6 pm! Grateful thanks to the elves who prepared the food, provided plates, glassware, etc. and to those who took the dirty dishes! A happy and entertaining way to end wheels' activities for 2020.


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