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Home Movie: The Space Between

Montine McLeod (Melissa Leo), was a world-weary, alcoholic flight attendant on the verge of getting the sack for her quick temper. Working on a flight that was grounded mid-route when the September 11 attacks occur, she was stuck caring for Omar Hassan (Anthony Keyvan), a prematurely wise 10-year-old Pakistani-American boy, who was flying alone. When Montine discovered that Omar's father worked at the Trade Centre she embarked on an unsanctioned cross-country road trip to help him get to New York to search for his father. Their ensuing journey is shadowed by terror-related issues, such as Omar's Pakistani heritage which provokes bigotry, but also sees the thawing of the relationship between the two. When it is discovered that Omar's father did not survive the attack, Omar is set to resume his journey to take up a scholarship in Los Angeles but refuses to board the plane without Montine by his side. A heart-string tugger which had some reaching for the tissues. Fish and chips for lunch, from Rosie's in Mt. Helena. Thanks, again, to Sally and Ray for sharing their home and to Ray for getting lunch!

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