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I'Cellesti, Cello Quartet

The simple Gothic styled stone church of St Cuthbert's Anglican Parish, Darlington, provided a cosy and welcoming venue for an evening of heavenly music -performed by theI'Cellesti, cello quartet of Jon Tooby, Shigene Komatsu, Nicholas Metcalfe and Fotis Skordas -including Song of the Birds, a traditional folkloric Catalan tune and lullaby; a change of pace with jazz meets classical with New York Jazzical, followed by the whimsical Walking in the Air from the Snow Man; and Rimsky Korsakov's lively Flight of the Bumblebee requiring great dexterity with fingers and bow. A light, warm-hearted programme, just the sort of music to dispel the chill of a winter's evening

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