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Impressive - Brian Robinson's Tithuyil

Brian Robinson's Tithuyil which means "moving with the rhythm of the stars" exhibiting at John Curtin Gallery took us on a journey of wonder. Brian is a multi-award winning artist and works in a variety of medium, linocut, prints, etchings, assemblages, video and sculpture work. Celebrating traditions and lifestyles of his Torres Strait culture he meets up his sea and it's creatures with the near new world, Greek mythology, and closer history of with the arrival of Captain Cook. In his easy to follow works, the heavens show us the presence of our loved comic space warriors, It was a very pleasurable voyage through reality and time travel.

All other works of this artist burst with colour using plastic, shells and fibre.

His work was complemented by other artists. Well worth a visit!!!

by Lily Boyce

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