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Morning walk at Oldham Park and then a funny thing happened.......

It was a short walk but we all loved it especially the multitude of cormorants building nests in the trees around the lake. Very entertaining! We also loved the grotto and water falls just hidden in the vegetation near the freeway! As we prepared to carry the necessary cups, plates etc over to the lovely little table we spilt cooking oil from a leaky lid and it dripped down through the box of cups and sauces making a few hours work for Hazel when we arrived home. We had the table set and barbeques warming and someone said......."Where are the bacon, eggs and rolls?" It turned out they were still in someone's fridge at Sawyers Valley. Back to Mundaring Park we went and Leonie very kindly picked up the necessities and was waiting for us to arrive. We were extra ready for lunch by then!!

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