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Norma's birthday celebration

Once again we gathered, at Leanne's invitation, to celebrate Norma's birthday - an 'institution' for the last 10 years, not quite on the day, but close enough. Norma was 89 years young on 20 June. We sat down to a long table high tea, with dainty cups, saucers, plates, tiered plates with fancy cakes (lemon curd butterflies, cream matches and cream scones). There were sandwiches, sausage rolls, wee pies, crostini with a choice of smoked salmon or pickled beetroot, washed down with bubbles and tea or coffee. Mustn't forget the birthday cake - chocolate mud cake with chocolate sauce, yum. After a couple of hours chatting and feasting, just before we rose to leave the candles were relit, the '89' reversed on the remnants of the birthday cake and we sang "happy birthday'' to Steph, whose birthday it was. Many thanks to Leanne, and family-helpers Vanessa and Ryan, for providing a wonderful feast and chance to celebrate

And 86 becomes 68 and Happy Birthday Steph

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