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Not quite the real Sistene Chapel.....

Anticipating that parking might be a challenge we left Mundaring in plenty of time. The Exhibition was at the old Naval Store overlooking the Harbour, North Fremantle and the Swan River. It was a glorious day so we didn't mind the wait. Some of us followed a windy, limestone track which lead up the hill in the direction of the Signal Station which stands sentinel over the Harbour. We were treated to panoramic views of the ships, harbour and river as a reward (and a few Containers for Change as a bonus). Others in the group enjoyed a chat in the sun enjoying the ambience.

The Exhibition of Michelangelo's images from the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel were displayed on very large reproductions all around the walls and on the ceiling of the room. We had an audio to listen to with a huge amount of information. The general consensus was that it was "exhausting", although most enjoyed the quirky introductory video prior.

Lunch was over the Fremantle Traffic Bridge to Leighton Beach to eat at "Coast" a restaurant on the beach, a beach which sadly is a poor reminder of it's glorious days of the past. Erosion due to storms has seriously eroded the sand over many years now.

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