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Oohs & Aah's on the Christmas Lights Trail

Thoroughly enjoyed being driven around the suburbs to view some wonderful displays of Christmas lights so lovingly installed by enthusiasts for the enjoyment of others. We voted Helena Valley as having the most spectacular street. Our final destination was Bowen Place in Stoneville where Hazel's neighbours who have an amazing display of all things Christmas!

Many of the items are interactive and sing and dance at the tough of a button. Mrs Claus told us she decorates the whole house - six bedrooms, living rooms, even the laundry and toilet!!!

We wandered over the road to Hazel and Jeannie's home and had Christmas fare and fruit punch to wash it down. We had a full bus and as Sally had mastered the art of streaming through her phone using Bluetooth we had Christmas music to sing along too as we went.

Fabulous prelude to Christmas!!

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