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Paddy Hannan & Joyce pushing their barrows!!!

A group of early risers ventured to Burswood Park last week to view some of the bronze sculptures designed and produced by Joan and Charles Smith and acquired between 1989 and 2002. We loved the Black Swan Sculpture, Mary Durack as The Story Teller, William de

Vlamingh who named the Swan River and the lovely children playing Hopscotch. We reminisced about how we played this game a long time ago too.

Sally spoilt us with her delicious scones for morning tea which we enjoyed sitting watching some workmen doing the groundwork for a Pop up Cafe right near the playground which will make some Mums and Dads and maybe Grandmas and Grandpas very happy in a month or so.

The two black swans pictured were responsible for holding up a whole row of cars. Sally helped to encourage them to hurry up a bit, but then they stopped, tucked their heads into their feathers and had a power nap, before deciding that they would cross the roads again back to the River followed by a very protective Dad we think, assisted by Sally and Frances.

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