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SausageSizzle,MegaCaravan& CamperStore OpenDay,Bellevue.

The Wale’s family invited wheels to cook at a sausage sizzle at their business on Saturday, 26 May between 9am and 3pm – everything provided, just cook at the very well-equipped staff amenities bar-b-que at the rear of the premises; any money raised was Wheels to keep. It was a mild, sunny Autumn day, those at the ‘coal face’ early in the day were soon shedding layers whilst cooking up a storm – well not quite, our volunteers were not stretched and easily managed to keep ahead of orders, as not all visitors to the site ventured to the rear where 4- wheel drive vehicles were on display. There was ample time to check out the accommodation on offer – the modern Travellers Caravans were a revelation, mini homes on wheels with all mod. cons., whilst the Patriot Campers were not far behind, though we mostly agreed that climbing a short but steep ladder to bed was probably now a bit beyond creaky knees and aging bones. Thanks to Barbara, Sandra, Steph, Lexie, Irene, John, Angie, Rosemary, Sally and grandies Nikki and David for help on the day. Our takings were not huge, but the $210 raised will help defray the cost of the racy signage on the new bus.

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