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Sculptures by the Sea

A pleasantly cool morning to stroll along the beach at Cottesloe to view the 70-odd sculptures and though several folk had brought bathers none were tempted by the mill pond ocean. We were mesmerised by Phil Price’s tall green ‘leaf’ kinetic sculpture as it bent and swayed on its base; Denise Pepper’s Sequintial Reflections, circular, shiny and glittering, caught our eye; Rima Zabaneh and Berenice Rarig’s must have spent a lot of hours weaving and shaping the approx. 50,000 white Zip ties to create their elongated sea urchin-like Pods; tucked away in the bush was an authentic looking old style bush truck made with palm fronds and branches, bamboo, grapevine and reconstructed by Janine Mcaullay Bott. It wasn’t difficult to pick Ron Gomboc’s large elegantly curved, twisting copper and steel “Time and Motion”; whilst one didn’t need a sign to recognize “Thoughts of Pinocchio” by Bongsoo Kim; after close scrutiny we discovered that the human sized figures of rusty coloured corten steel, “Shifting Horizons” by April Pine, were something of an optical illusion, appearing as solid figures or ‘see through’ closely spaced vertical slats which created the images. Across the road to view the small sculptures, miniature replicas of or very similar to the larger versions on the beach, at much more affordable prices (though our pockets weren’t deep enough). We enjoyed a fish and chip lunch before heading home again.

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