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Secret Women's Business, "Not in the Mood".......but we soon were!!!

Secret Women's Business covers a range of life's ups and downs - love, loss, infidelity etc. mainly via the medium of songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's. The tunes were accompanied by altered humorous lyrics and men were the main fall guys! The 17 women in the ensemble came in all shapes, sizes and ages but what they all had in common were beautiful singing voices. Some of the soloists were outstanding. They were accompanied by a small band called 'The Toy Boys'.

Particularly enjoyable were 'Waterloo' by ABBA which became 'Barbeque' (at Bunnings). Also 'Behind the Green Door' which became 'Behind the fridge Door'. However my favourite was 'Jolene' by Dolly Parton which morphed into 'Raelene - please take my man away'. During the interval we were all given a twist of chocolates which we had to eat during one of the songs. They ended with Helen Reddy's song 'I am woman' whilst wearing bright scarlet brasseries over their black and glittering costumes. A fabulous afternoon!!!

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