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Some Did - Some Didn't

The weather looked chancy – sun hats or rain coats? It was anybody’s guess, but it wasn’t going to bother us. We took our seats and settled in for the drive. The route took us through the scenic Chittering Valley, with rolling hills, green valleys, farms, vineyards and olive groves appearing at every turn. We found the right turn-off and the right trail, the Djidi-Djidi, and set off. The walk was a short 1.5 km, but rough and rugged underfoot with some steep patches. A few of the group wisely turned back, and Sally returned to the bus to fetch some walking poles, while Lyn found herself a (very short) bush walking stick. The views unfolded as we climbed and at the top were as fantastic as promised. Sadly, there were no hot showers and soft fluffy towels, nor a café awaiting us. Still, you can rarely have everything. As with all steep climbs it can be as hard coming down and we needed to watch our steps. The clouds had thickened and dribbled briefly at this point, cooling and refreshing us. Next on the day’s agenda was to find Bindoon and its famed bakery for a well earned lunch. Then it was back on the bus for the trip home. Sally likes to return a different way, so found another ‘scenic route’ (translation – we became a little lost for a short while). However we headed for the hills and were soon back in familiar territory. All ended well for a great day out.

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