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Star Swamp Reserve

There were 10 Spokes booked, one dropped out and an avalanche followed! Five Spokes trundled their way to North Beach arriving at the desired starting point by devious routes! The bush was very dry – well , it hadn’t rained for nearly 40 days – the swamp identified as the herbage was green. One or two straggly red bottlebrushes provided a flash of colour. As the Heritage sites were merely small information boards, the fast walkers decided not to trek to the end of the limestone path, retracing their steps to an alley way to get closer to the swamp – the ‘snails’ got as far as the green, before we all turned back. The Environment Centre was interesting – glass cases holding a multitude of taxidermists’ handiwork of birds and reptiles endemic to the area, as well as cases displaying archaeological/geological bits and pieces retrieved from the site. Two live specimens – a bearded dragon well camouflaged on a branch and in another spot a blue tongued skink warming itself under a light globe. Someone didn’t heed the sign “Don’t forget to feed the cockroaches” as none of these little critters were on view! A circuit round a couple of blocks, well-manicured verge lawns and gardens – no weed dare show its face – found us at the beach front and Spinnakers Brewery where we enjoyed brunch and the sea view – who knew North Beach Road morphed into Reid Highway?

(check out the "Hot Cakes" these 2 had!

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