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T'was a bit damp!

We had a good start to our ‘Culture Day’, arriving in Perth on an earlier train than planned and heading to the State Library and the exhibition ‘From another View’, which details the epic 1874 horseback expedition from Geraldton to Adelaide by John Forrest and his brother Alexander. For decades, two leather-bound diaries containing detailed graphite-penned notes, etchings and astronomical algorithms have been hidden away on a private floor of WA's State Library. These diaries revealed new information about the trek. The exhibition considers the legacy of the 1874 trek in shaping Western and South Australian exploration history. State Library staff travelled throughout WA and talked to Yamaji, Martu and Yamangu/ Aṉangu/ Yaṉangu peoples about the history of explorers in their country. From Sandra's pen.

Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) Since 1992, the Hatched National Graduate Show has presented the work of over one thousand artists alongside that of their national peers in this unique showcase of emergent talent. Many of Australia’s most successful artistic careers have been launched this way. From painting, sculpture, and drawing, to installation, video, and sound work, the scaled down exhibition - 30 in 2018, 18 this year - offered an intriguing snapshot of current contemporary art practices in Australia. According to Wikipedia - Contemporary art is the art of today, produced in the second half of the 20th century or in the 21st century. Contemporary artists work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world. None of our group identified closely with the art work, all feeling that despite reading the explanatory texts provided, we were no closer to understanding the work on display - though who could forget the smell of the carpet of closely packed crushed cheezels forming the greater part of Anita Cummins work 'feelings', which was the winner of the prestigious $50,000 2019 Schenbert Art Fellowship. From Cheryl's pen).

Art Gallery of Western Australia: "Year 12 Perspectives has become Pulse Perspectives to gauge the pulse of young people who will influence, empower and shape the world we live in." (from Leonie's pen): Spokes were eager to view the works selected to showcase the world through the eyes of some of WA's most talented art students aged from 15 to 21 years. They told their stories through their choice of medium - pencil sketches, puppets, oils and acrylic painting, fabric, sculpture and video. All the pieces reflected the artist's own belief and experience, influenced by the pressures of society, social media, family, ageing and other thoughts and events which have shaped their young lives. Pulse Perspectives provides a canvas for students to share their opinions in artistic expression and to be heard and acknowledged by the society they find themselves living in. "It was in turn an inspiring, rewarding and insightful look at the world through the works of some of WAs most talented young artists."

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