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The Sea and the Sculptures....

This year is the 20th Anniversary of this event.  The day we went the weather was just perfect.  The sea was like a millpond, it was still and sunny.  The sea has the advantage over the Sculptures where I am concerned so Sally and I enjoyed a sublime swim.  There were no waves to contend with and the water temperature, once over the initial gasp, was lovely.

However, I did spend some time looking at the sculptures.  My very favourite was The Seated Man by Sean Henry a British sculptor. Another one which really appealed to me was  

The Gumnut Quintet by Tania Spencer.  This was made from copper wire, was 560 cm long and was suspended between two Norfolk pines.  Just beautiful!!  There were several done in granite with some areas highly polished and other areas left natural.  One of a boat was by a Chinese sculpture Shen Lieyi, another by Japanese sculptor Wataru Hamasaka was inspired by Marat’s Therapy and another by Keizo Ushio, also from Japan, were in this medium.  Ayad Allqaragholli from Iraq was called Propose and featured two almost stick figures  the male one balanced on a circle holding the female in the air.  Lovely. 

We lunched in various  spots around Cottesloe. 

Joyce didn’t go on this outing for the sculptures.  Instead she came along to be near the sea, to sit, to reflect and to reminisce.  She “misses the sea”. 

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