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Training.....Who was and to where?

Train from Midland to Bayswater, cross the platform and be sure to catch the train to High Wycombe. Didn’t notice going underground, too busy chatting! On exiting the train at Perth Central Airport (having gone to the end of the line and return just for the ride) we felt as if we were overseas, such was the modern environment (not the trains though) we found ourselves in – not the signage either, but with friendly staff at Bayswater Station and elsewhere, we managed! Bright, airy buildings, lots of murals, mainly 4 with an indigenous theme, very steep escalators, which seemed to reach the sky, whilst a couple of travellators helped make the walk to Terminal 1 seem a doddle, though guesstimated as almost a kilometre . Refreshed with coffee and cake we retraced our steps with ease – though some were a bit discombobulated back at Bayswater Station! And, yes, there were some ‘real’ travellers too – not many on the outward journey, but on the return trip quite a few boarded from Redcliffe Station, which services Terminals 3 and 4. A most interesting morning

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