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Tuesday movie: The Heiresses

A light lunch at the Old Shanghai Food Court, then an afternoon movie at Paradiso. Set in Asuncion, capital of Paraguay, The Heiresses followed the journey of 60-something Chela (Ana Brun), whose partner of more than 30 years Chiquita (Margarita Irun) is jailed for fraud after the couple’s mounting debts see them selling off family heirlooms in a bid to stay afloat. Chiquita adapted to prison life with its chaotic communal yard of woman and their children. With Chiquita in prison Chela was forced to fend for herself and fell into work, almost by accident, as de-facto chauffeur for her wealthy elderly neighbours as they visit their club to play a weekly game of Canasta. At the club Chela met the much younger Angy who inspired in her a new energy. As Chiquita's prison sentence came to an end, with her newfound confidence Chela decided her life must change too. There was very little dialogue and what there was often hived off on a different tack leaving the viewer wondering. It was slow, oh so slow yet cast light on how one's circumstances, choices and life's journey can suddenly change.

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