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Twilight Hawkers’ Market, Forrest Place

It was a balmy summer’s evening when we headed into the City by train to sample the wares at the Hawker’s Market, a multitude of spicy aromas mingling and filling the air. Before circumnavigating the area to see what was on the menu for tea, there were buskers from the Fringe Festival to entertain the crowd. For 10 minutes or so we watched a pair of young men from the Land of the Long White Cloud, juggle 4/5 clubs each, individually or as a pair, up in the air, between their legs, to and fro, or take a spin or two then nonchantly toss back or catch the incoming missiles! Enough to give us an appetite! Having slowly perambulated round all the stalls to see what was on offer, lots of decisions were made depending on each person’s taste; most offerings being served in biodegradable bowls, which we took back to sit on the wall beside the stage, to eat, chat and to watch the next artist in the midst of his performance - there were small boys from the audience helping him with a long pole (4/5 metres?), all his instructions mimed, a couple of miscues but the kiddies did well to interpret his needs. With two chairs placed in each corner of the stage the performer cajoled four couples to join him; they were strapped into the chairs – were they going to hoisted into the air - no, they were anchors to hold the pole upright while the artist shimmied up, then spun himself out holding on by a foot or one hand, not for the faint hearted. The nearby H&M store proved a magnet for some, others sat and chatted, having enjoyed the al fresco meal. Entertainment over, a chill in the air, time to head across the road for the train – early enough in Midland to detour to the icecreamery for a sweet treat before heading up the hill.

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