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WA Trails event at Yanchep...WooHoo!!!!

If you weren't there you missed an exciting event. Eleven Wheelies helped WA Trails to conduct a walk/run for 600-700 runners! Pretty amazing!! Sally, Rosemary, Sandra, Hazel, Annette, Lyn Y, Steph, Cheryl & Laurence drove to Yanchep in the afternoon so we could enjoy the National Park before bed. We walked a little and enjoyed dinner at Yanchep Inn. Our units looked over the lake, with lawn in front full of kangaroos and joeys and birds. Lovely first thing in the morning!! We had to be on duty at 5.45 so we saw it!! David and Caroline drove up in the morning and joined us at 6.30ish.

We were spread over numerous tasks for the next 5 hours - registering participants, giving them numbers etc, handing out t shirts to those who registered for the full series of events this coming summer and registered early, manning intersections of the course, cutting up watermelon and filling punch and water containers, handing out medals to finishers, taking off very sweaty belts and separating the numbers plus. The atmosphere made the whole experience memorable. There were a couple of grumpy campers - blunt knives, blisters and sticky surfaces but overall we were happy.

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