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Walking at Piesse Brook

Raincoats at the ready, but not needed as the morning was cold and mostly sunny. The foliage of trees and plants glistened, and the grey of the granites shone following heavy overnight rainfall.

The first 600 metres of the track was level and about 3/4 of the way down the valley , the hills on the left seeming to reach the sky, the valley below quite steep.

The Friends of Piesse Brook interpretive map was a good guide to the terrain, warning of steeper sections ahead which is where the 'flat earthers' turned back and the fitter and more energetic headed on to Rocky Pool. Steeper sections were quite right, someone said “I’m not going down that hill as I won’t be able to come back up” But they did AND came back up!! Rocky Pool wasn’t as large as I thought so it is hard to imagine many people coming down to swim in earlier times.

The 'long distance' walkers had divested themselves of some layers by the time they returned to the bus. Plants spied along the way included creamy Trymalium and hakea?, Kennedia (running postman), orange pea flowers, grass trees, zamia palms, pink myrtle, and a slender plant with blue flowers which hung down (or maybe the sun hadn't reached them

and they weren't properly open!), colour and variety that left our trek to Old Plains Road in the shade.

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