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WASO Concert

Conducted by Estonian conductor, Hendrik Vestmann. "A lengthy overture in Esa-Pekka Salonen’s Nyx wasa massively orchestrated piece of mood swings and mythic imagining that tested the cohesion of orchestra and conductor"; and to some of the listeners seemed very much like a movie score. The main 'course' was Tchaikovsky's Symphony No.5."Here was full on Romantic expression, Allan Meyer's clarinet weaving its fatalistic magic, synchronised with strings; a deft transit from Andante to Allegro con anima unleashing fire and brimstone. Music making shucked off its solid state to ebb and flow. The third movement lightened the mood before plunging back to Tchaikovsky's fatalistic first theme. Strings surged in

2counterpoint with mournful brass, fading to narrative interludes and back; the conductor a wizard with a cauldron of sound." (from David Cusworth's

review in the West.Aust.). Following our musical odyssey, we headed to the Riverdeck in Belmont for lunch.

Hendrik Vestmann - Conductor

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