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We went "Once" but could easily go twice.......

ONCE has taken the world by storm in its relatively short life. Beginning as a 2007 movie, it went to Broadway in 2011 where it won a swag of Tony awards as well as a Grammy. It played to sold out audiences in Sydney, and Perth can count itself lucky to be hosting this wonderful musical at the moment. Amazingly, everyone in the case plays a musical instrument!!! Our almost regular group, less one, plus one, if you know what I mean caught the train from Midland to Subiaco. Your could hear us groan and "Oh no" when we heard the announcement that the Midland line was undergoing some maintenance and our return from the city would be by bus. We all dislike the bus ride!!! However, we loved the production! Very nice to go to The Regal for a change too!

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