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Wet the wheels celebration...only three drops though as we'd rather drink the bubbles!

Not a day for a dip in the glassy gray lake, though the ducks were paddling merrily. Eighteen Spokes and guests, including Teresa Hartnell, representing Lotterywest, Councillors Lyn Fisher (Deputy Shire President) and Kate Driver, Tracey Peacock and Tonia Leonard (the happy snapper) representing the Shire, toasted the purchase of the bus with bubbles or orange juice: Sally made a short speech thanking all who had contributed to make the purchase possible -Lotterywest, the Commonwealth Government's Making Stronger Communities programme, the Shire of Mundaring, anonymous Spokes for large and small donations from time to time, and to all those Spokes who had helped cater and/or man sausage sizzles over the years; Rosemary cut the ribbon and despite some cries of 'don't waste it' poured a little libation over the front wheel, whilst Lyn lead 'three cheers for wheels' -formalities over we headed for the table laden with tasty morsels provided with Spokes usual catering flair and where Irene's sister Doreen had been doing a marvellous job in deterring marauding magpies and parrots from pre-empting the feast. A happy and convivial morning -thanks to one and all. Photos on the wheels' website and Mundaring Shire Facebook page and, we believe, a future edition of the Echo

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