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Wylunga National Park

A still morning, a

pale wintery sun overhead for the morning walk -well walks, as we split into three -Linda headed off on the 6.4k Syd's Rapids trail, Rosemary wandered the 1.2k Aboriginal Heritage trail undulating beside the river, rushing along in a spate of white foam over the rocks and rapids, whilst the others headed up the hill and down the slippery slope of the 4k. Kangaroo trail -and yes, there were kangaroos grazing at the top! There were a number of people kayaking or canoeing, weaving in and out of the slalom course or negotiating the rough and tumble over the rocks, perhaps getting the feel of the river before the Avon Descent; a couple of mountain bikers too. Afterwards we sat in the sun, ate some calories and compared notes on what we had seen -too early for wildflowers, though the wattle was beginning to blossom -before boarding the bus to head back to 'our side' of the hills

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